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An extra touch to your photos!

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★ To unlock Vintage Labels: Labels >> Vintage Labels >> >> click on anything >> type your iTunes password (ensure it says 'Free') >> Confirm 

There was a time when getting a coffee was easy business. You just had to think about how much sugar or milk you'd like in it. Try going to a cafe today: 20 varieties of coffee, foams, flavored shots, with/without little fairies flying around your coffee...

Not that I'm complaining though, because my mocha chocolate with a shot of caramel and vanilla foam is perfect, just like MocaDeco. Make your photos more interesting by adding 280 decorations, text, 30 filters to make it mocamazing. Today you get the app, normally worth 3.59₺, and the Vintage Labels pack, worth 3.59₺, for FREE!

[+] Mental Math Help

Cool brain training & math puzzles

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At school I used to keep a low profile when the teacher was asking mental arithmetic questions out loud. Kind of wish I'd tried harder because it's embarrassing having to count on your fingers in the supermarket…

Mental Math Help was created by teachers for kids in elementary, and is perfect for practicing those essential skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Comes with 4 difficulty levels, explanations, corrections and encouragement, and parents can track progress. Today it drops from 6.99₺ to 1.79₺!

23 Nisan 2014 Çarşamba

[+] Charm King


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I think I'm addicted to match-3 games because the best things come in 3: 3 day weekends, tricycles (I was never very gifted at cycling), and the minimum number of scoops I need for my ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and mint).

And while we're on the topic of match-3 games, Charm King has been my latest addiction. This puzzle comes with a ton of levels to go through, friendly graphics, and a cloud (that looks like a tooth) wearing a crown. The app is FREE!

22 Nisan 2014 Salı

[+] Atomic+

A bomb of fun!

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The concept of atoms blows my mind. Other than them being super small, the whole idea that some of the atoms that make up my body could have been part of a dinosaur before is just crazy! My guess is some of my atoms were an ap(p)atosaurus before.

Atomic is a great game where you're trying to avoid the bullets, while collecting squares, and moving around the atom. Sounds more complicated than quantum physics, but it's incredibly fun and has an amazing soundtrack, so don't forget your headphones! Today it drops from 3.59₺ to FREE!

22 Nisan 2014 Salı


Currency Exchange

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★ Requires iOS 7 ★

This app converts simply everything. From $ to € to £ to ¥ and even from ❄ to too. OK, I admit it can't turn snow into sun, but it's not called Weatherverter, is it?

Coinverter can convert between over 160 currencies, it automatically refreshes exchange rates and lets you customise and add any denomination. Sleek design and simple to use, Coinverter usually costs 3.59₺ but right now it's 1.79₺!

21 Nisan 2014 Pazartesi

[+] Let's Rotate!

Spin those blocks

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Bees have 24 eyeballs, and each one is capable of spinning independently so the bee can fully understand the environment it's in. Result? Perfect 360° vision without having to turn its neck (or getting a headache).

Let's Rotate! is the App Store's bee: spin the colored cubes left or right and try to represent the picture on the left perfectly in as few moves as possible. Colorful, catchy, and today drops from 3.59₺ to FREE!

20 Nisan 2014 Pazar

[+] Text Extractor Pro

Extract Texts from Images

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★ Requires iOS 7 ★

The last tooth extraction I survived was a traumatic experience. I went into the room with four wisdom teeth, and came out with a pile of bandages in my mouth, and enough medicine to put down a horse. Then, no one understands why I lost my wisdom...

Text Extractor Pro is like a dentist (though text ≠ tooth), but without the noisy little drills. This is an excellent scanner, from which you can extract texts in many languages, save, and share the documents in different platforms. Today it drops from 1.99₺ to FREE!

19 Nisan 2014 Cumartesi

[+] PhotosPro

Organize your photos

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Before I went to college I decided to take a gap year to travel around the world, and came back with a lot of memories, pounds of souvenirs, and over 4,000 photos! I almost needed another gap year to organize all those pictures...

PhotoPro would've come in handy. It will help you find your photos, organize them by date, type of file, camera used, location, and much more. Really useful for those who dig photography, and today it drops from 3.59₺ to FREE!

18 Nisan 2014 Cuma


World clock and more

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★ Requires iOS 7 ★

There are many ways to feel well-travelled without leaving the couch. Read all the guidebooks out there, memorize whole chunks, and think up witty anecdotes to regale your friends with. Or download Globo and go to sleep according to a different timezone each night, and feel 'jet-lagged' at work the following day.

Globo will also be handy for when you really do travel. Shows weather conditions for cities around the world and provides information on latitude, longitude and distance from current location. This great-looking app works offline and drops from 1.79₺ to FREE!

17 Nisan 2014 Perşembe

[+] Pilates Fondamental

Pilates Lessons

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My friend managed one of the most impossible tasks ever: she dragged me to a pilates class. Was I uncomfortable by the excessive amount of spandex around? Sure. Was I a little blown away by how great the class was? No doubt.

Inspired by that, I bring you Pilates Fondamental, which teaches you all the technique, and exercises needed to find balance, strengthen your core muscles, and for relaxation. These come in different HD videos (beware, it's a heavy app), and with a soundtrack for you to do the exercises alone. Today Pilates Fondamental drops from 8.99₺ to 1.79₺!