[+] Stripe Me

Art School Confidential

通常価格 ¥300

ダウンロード 無料

Tigers, zebras, mimes, those fancy lawns that rich people have. Stripes are everywhere. 

Stripe Me allows you to capture photos line-by-line, allowing you to manipulate the form of your surroundings. Give your friends giraffe necks, turn everyday objects into surrealist masterpieces and turn landscapes into topsy-turvy feats of architecture.  Stripe Me boasts an simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to easily create and share beautiful, unique works of art. Don't miss out on this fantastic photo app as Stripe Me drops from ¥300 to FREE.


[+] Stars Link

Space Puzzle


A by-product of living in a big city is that I know very little about star constellations. I mean I know there's Cassiopeia, the bear one, the belt and maybe the dog one. I am, however, an expert on pollution.

Stars Link is a a charming and innovative puzzle in which you must join up stars to make as many constellations as you can. Simple to learn and play, Star Links ad-free with 100 diamonds drops from ¥300 to FREE.



Unmissable Music Maker


Apps have become something of game-changer for musicians in recent years, with myriad drum machines, MIDI controllers and samplers appearing. NodeBeat stands out as not only the prettiest but also one of the best, even if, like me, you suffer from the aural equivalent of two left feet (two left ears?)

A must for fans of Brian Eno's Bloom and Trope apps, NodeBeat allows you to create music in a matter of minutes. It comes with 20 musical scales, 12 musical key scales and 7 octave ranges plus all the sound-sculpting effects you'd expect to find on a synth and adjustable BPM setting. When you've made your creation just export it to share with friends and adoring fans. NodeBeat drops from ¥200 to FREE.


[+] Alice - Behind the Mirror

Follow the White Rabbit


Where could you gimble through a mimsy wall? Drink a pishsalver with a rath? Or use a vorpal sword to fight a Jabberwocky? In the topsy-turvy, nonsensical world that exists through the looking glass.

Lewis Carrol's creations have charmed adults and children alike for many generations. In Alice - Behind the Mirror, you are invited through the rabbit hole as Alice. Explore Wonderland, solve enigmas and look for clues to overthrow the Jabberwocky. You'll meet familiar faces such as the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the capricious Queen of Hearts herself. Restore order, or rather chaos, to Wonderland, in this gripping 'hidden objects' adventure quest. The full version of Alice - Behind the Mirror drops from ¥500 to ¥100.


[+] Numbees

A World of Math


Did you see that crazy hard math question that was doing the rounds on the internet. The one with cryptic Cheryl and you had to work out her birthday? I gave it a go and had to lie down in a dark room with a wash-cloth over my eyes after. 

I guess I should have worked on my math more as a kid. If only Numbees had existed back then. Numbees is Japan's number 1 educational app, it encourages kids to learn multiplication, division, addition and subtraction surrounded by likeable characters in a bright, colorful environment. Numbees drops from ¥200 to FREE.


[+] Juicy Clouds

Make It Rain


Barbra Streisand is a total genius (did you know she has a shopping mall in her basement?). She also famously sang "Don't Rain on My Parade" in Funny Girl. A film we've probably all watched 500 times with our grandmothers.

In Juicy Clouds, the aim is more like "Please Do Rain on My Parade". You need it to rain in order to fill your glass with acid rain fruit juice. Try and match up clouds of the same color. There are over 100 levels to play through and plenty of surprises to discover. Juicy Clouds with 80 coins drops from ¥400 to FREE.

In order to discourage misbehaving, my 5th grade teacher would always tell us about his friend as a child who'd lost an eye doing something he shouldn't have been doing. His friend had lost an eye:

-Running with a pencil.
-Sneezing and not covering his mouth.
-Playing tennis.
-Leaning back on his chair
-In a snowball fight.

With Super Snow Battle (Frozen) I can make up for all those missed snowball fights and keep both my eyes! Win-win! Choose a character and try your luck in this slippery super-fun snowball fight. Super Snow Battle (Frozen) pro version drops from ¥200 to FREE.

The New York Times has called it "ambitious", "awesome", "a medieval FarmVille crossed with Risk". No they weren't talking about my average Saturday night out on the tiles. They were talking about Game of War- Fire Age, a MMO that is taking over the world.

Game of War - Fire Age is a classic strategy game in which you must expand your empire, train armies, and conquer new lands and people. You can chat with other players around the world in real time. Ready to take over the world? Today Game of War - Fire Age comes with a huge bonus, 600 gold plus 2 Beginner Teleports normally worth ¥2,700 and now FREE.

PS. The bonuses will be unlocked after you complete the tutorial.


[+] Tri-angle

Musical Mystery Tour


There's some things you just can't imagine without the music. Jaws, the Game of Thrones opening credits, Tetris, and now Tri-angle.

Tri-angle is a killer combination of slick graphics, fast gameplay and great music. Just try and angle your triangle to catch as many enemy triangles as you can. See how far you can get...I'm only on an embarrassing 10 at the moment. Don't forget to play with sound! Tri-angle drops from ¥200 to FREE.


[+] Les Misérables: Jean Valjean

A Hidden Objects Adventure


The richly imagined pre-revolutionary France and unforgettable characters of Les Misérables have been captivating readers, movie-goers and musical theatre fans ever since Victor Hugo wrote it in 1862. A sweeping tale of love and sacrifice, Les Misérables is now, for the first time, a gripping hidden objects adventure.

Step into the sabots of Les Misérables' hero Jean Valjean and explore the novel's key scenes. Keep your promise to Fantine and save Cosette whilst escaping from Javert's clutches. Join the revolt on Rue St Denis and help Marius and Gavroche on the barricades. This is one of the best hidden objects I've seen, with an extremely-developed gameplay, well-imagined dialogue and excellent graphics (it takes a few minutes to download). Not to be missed Les Misérables: Jean Valjean drops from ¥500 to ¥100.