[+] Snap Clap

Let's clap for picture time!

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From the 80s came The Clapper light switch and I can still sing the “clap on, clap off” jingle of its commercial (It's catchy! Don't judge me!). Then there was the key finder keyring that went “woof, woof” when I clapped. Now, I got Snap Clap!

In the golden age of selfie, Snap Clap will help you rule the #picoftheday kingdom. No more missing on photos or fear of bad angles, this app lets you set up your device where you want, go pose, and then just clap to snap your shot! Say cheese and clap now with Snap Clap as it drops from $0.99 to FREE today!

[+] 9 Elefants

Solve puzzles in 1920s Paris

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1920s Paris, kidnapped inventor, Time Camera, talking black cat, riddles, mysterious sect, etc… It sounds like a whimsical film. Woody Allen? Jean-Pierre Jeunet? Actually, it’s today’s epic app 9 Elefants! I personally was sold the instant I heard talking cat.

9 Elefants is a riddle-filled adventure that transports you to the City of Light in the roaring 20s. No French but just your wits required, it has you solving over 230 puzzles all around Paris to help Laura locate her missing inventor father, with help from his chatty cat. They say elephants never forget and you’ll surely not forget this Parisian chic puzzle game. Today, 9 Elefants drops from $2.99 to $0.99!

I've an amazing hidden talent: when I hear something (requests to do housework or musical notes), it goes in one ear, bypasses my brain entirely, and exits from the other ear at once. Why I ever attempted to learn the guitar was beyond me…

With or without such talent, we all need a bit of help sometimes. Tunable is a great app for all musicians. It’s a chromatic tuner, tone/chord generator, metronome, and recorder all in one, helping you stay in tune and on beat always. Useful, chic, and normally costs $2.99, Tunable comes to you for FREE today!


[+] Memedroid

Best daily dose of humor


Studies show that we all spend about 5 years of our lives online. I highly doubt that data’s accuracy, considering the unfathomable amount of time I spend procrastinating looking at all sort of stuff on the internet to avoid doing what I’m supposed to be doing for inspiration!

Memedroid is my go-to app for exactly that! It features countless of memes, rage comics, and all kinds of funny images that you can rate, comment, and share. Laughter is the best medicine and Memedroid is sure to get you the best daily dose! You can also custom your own memes to upload too. The ad-free version drops from $2.99 to FREE today!


[+] Angularis

A real challenge!


The name of today’s game is kind of alien-sounding and its glowing blue logo gives out an extraterrestrial vibe that Spielberg would’ve approved. The game’s difficulty itself also demands superhuman abilities

Angularis is a real challenge that requires perfect focus, impeccable timing, and flawless reflexes. It simply asks you to align the light beams to connect with the incoming laser blasts, but one wrong tap and it’s game over! Find out how strong your brain power is with Angularis’ ad-free version worth $0.99 today as it drops to FREE!


[+] Puzzle Chef

Become a master chef!


I tried countless times to learn cooking from my mom. I’d ask, “But how much do you add?” She’d always say, “Don’t be silly. You just know.” “But I don’t! That's why I'm asking!” Oh bless you, dear mother! At least I mastered one specialty: instant Mac ’n’ Cheese.

Now Puzzle Chef is rekindling my hopes to become a master chef! With 3 game modes and over 50 recipes of different cuisines, you slide and match the ingredients on the puzzle board to finish your dishes! Start your culinary adventure now with Puzzle Chef - it's FREE!


[+] Jack the Ripper HD

Catch the notorious serial killer!


A cold case that captured our imagination for 126 years, the identity of notorious Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper has recently been revealed! Thanks to modern forensics, a historical crime expert was able to extract DNA from a victim’s bloodstained shawl and solved the greatest murder mystery of all time!

To celebrate this special occasion, I present today's app Jack the Ripper HD. Test your wits to help clear reporter Bert's innocent name and hunt down the real Whitechapel murderer! The new edition comes with new scenes, mind games, characters and more. Put on your best CSI face and catch Jack the Ripper HD now as it drops from $4.99 to $0.99!



Over 3,000 communities


We all have our own tastes and interests. I like technology and apps and cats and donuts. The next person can be anti-tech and more into nature and dogs and diets. To each their own. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find our kindred spirits.

With over 3,000 communities featuring high quality content, Vingle is where you will find someone like you. All you need to do is pick what you are into and it will show you what people like you are up to. Share your passions and show your hidden expertise with people who really appreciate it, join Vingle now for FREE!


[+] Zombie 300

Uurrgh through 100 unique levels


Z used to be for zoo but now we all know Z is for zombie. The undead is roaming and moaning all across the world, from books to movies to my next costume party.

Smash some zombie brains out in Zombie 300! They are no Spartans, but they are deadly for the fleeing humans if you don’t crush them fast enough! Pick between adventure or survival mode, fight your way through 100 unique levels armed with different power-ups. The ad-free version of Zombie 300, plus a bonus containing 2 bombs, 2 ice cubes, and 2 lightnings, drops from $0.99 to FREE today!


Rain Sounds HQ

Let it rain!


From Singin' in the Rain to Chopin’s piano piece nicknamed ‘Raindrop’ to Rihanna’s Umbrella, music loves it when it rains. Today's app is ideal for whether you simply love the sound of rain or want the rainy muse for a symphony. Also good for tricking your cat into staying in (it works!).

Rain Sounds HQ has a comprehensive collection of high-quality stereo rain recordings and includes a sleep timer to fadeout audio. With over 70 authentic live-recorded rain sounds from around the world, you can enjoy gentle showers in Sweden one moment and shiver under an Australian thunderstorm the next, before taking a walk in a rainforest. No risk of getting soaked! Today this beautiful rain library drops from $0.99 to FREE!