[+] Candy Match: Free

Bon APPetit!

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Remember those awful math questions at school? "Janet has 32 red candies and Ken has 45 blue candies... Cindy is 4ft11, how many yellow candies does she have?" (OK, that's possibly a slight exaggeration).

If you like your candy-based challenges headache-free then Candy Match is the game for you. Munch your way through 700 levels and 5 different board packs of progressive difficulty. Will you make it through all 700? Today Candy Match with the Level 1 Pack unlocked drops from $0.99 to FREE.

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[+] Retale

Weekly Ads & Deals


It's strange that we compare the price of flights, computers, cell phone plans but not other things like groceries, clothes, toys and office supplies. Comparing the market to find the best deals is a great way to save money but it can also be time-consuming and laborious. 

I have been scrimping and saving for a while now, and have recently come across Retale, an awesome app that allows you to find the best deals without all the hard work. Retale works with America's largest retailers (Walmart, Target, Walgreens) to provide you with weekly deals, ensuring that you never miss out on a bargain again. You can also search by location, set up alerts, clip coupons and create shopping lists. Saving has never been so easy! Retale is FREE


[+] Path On

A Picture With a 1,000 Words.


Enough with all this conformity!

Writing in a straight line from left to right. Horizontally, in blue and black. Wake up sheeple and discover a whole new world! Write in circles (oooh!) or crescents (ahhh) or spirals (*someone in the audience faints*) on your photos!

The photo revolution is here, thanks to Path On. This awesome photo app allows you to not only add text to your photos but also to change its form to fit inside any shape. Create truly unique photo montages, with fully customizable fonts, shapes and sizes. Path On drops from $1.99 to FREE.


[+] Dream Chamber

Hardboiled Fun


It's summer in the city, and the heat is bringing all the up-to-no-goods out from under their rocks and hidey-holes. America is just beginning to emerge from prohibition and the Depression and the city is rotten to the core.

Welcome to the exciting, film-noir world of Dream Chamber, a 1930s mystery in which you play Charlie, a detective with plenty of street-smarts and the ability to solve crimes in his dreams. Dream Chamber is extremely funny and genuinely gripping with great cartoon graphics. Not to miss, especially as today the full version of Dream Chamber drops from $2.99 to $0.99.


[+] tripwolf

The Vacation Guide


Where are you off to this summer? Whether you're planning on gelato in Rome, flea markets in Berlin or island-hopping in Stockholm, I have the one thing you need to take with you: tripwolf.

Yes, it's back by extremely popular demand! tripwolf, is in my opinion, the best travel guide app out there. Why? Because it combines beautiful graphics and an intuitive interface with well-researched content from experienced travel writers and top tips from the tripwolf community. tripwolf also offers practical offline maps, pre-defined itineraries and personalized recommendations. Completely indispensable! Download tripwolf today and receive a premium guide worth $6.99 for FREE.


[+] OverColor Pro

Build it up!


I'm a pretty clumsy person, constantly tripping over stuff and breaking things. Glasses, crockery, plates, hearts; you name it, I've broken it. 

Klutzy Kevins and Clumsy Claras of the world: unite! OverColor Pro is the game for us. A chance to repair damage done, OverColor Pro invites you to piece colors and shapes back together in as few moves as possible. This colorful, relaxing game is the perfect way to wile away a lazy summer afternoon (or winter Antipodean friends!). OverColor Pro drops from $2.99 to FREE.


[+] Money Lover

Finance Manager


Did you know that more Monopoly bills are printed per year than real money bills? I guess that's great news if you're a tiny metal top hat looking to branch out into the plastic hotel business.

I'm guessing you're not which is why I bring you Money Lover, a brilliant finance and expenses manager that helps you keep track of your real non-Monopoly money. Extremely easy-to-use and customize, Money Lover allows you to easily manage your daily budget, incomes and expenditures. Great graphics and cloud sync options make money management a doddle! Money Lover with a premium account drops from $4.99 to FREE.


[+] Hospital Manager

Something spooky...


Being a hospital manager isn't probably up there on your list of dream jobs with ice-cream tester and space cowboy. That's OK, it just means you're normal. But maybe, just maybe, being a hospital manager is more interesting than you could possibly imagine. Especially if there's some paranormal activity going on in the wards.

In Hospital Manager, you have to juggle your day-to-day management tasks of hiring, firing and budgeting with supernatural epidemics, zombies and extraterrestrial germs. Hospital Manager drops from $2.99 to $0.99.

So no-one told you life was going to be this way. Your life's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A. Well I'll be there for you, with a reminder that your bad day could always be way worse.

Try being a Roman gladiator for example. I,Gladiator thrusts you into the arena faster than you can say "Maximus Decimus Meridius". You will need not only strength but also cunning to defeat multiple opponents, the huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal should help too. Watch out for lions, fearsome foes and arena traps while a bloodthirsty crowd cheers and boos. I,Gladiator boasts not only a richly imagined narrative but also stunning 3D graphics. Today I, Gladiator drops from $2.99 to FREE.


[+] Dizzy Shapes

Spin Me Right Round


If I told you that pink + pink = yellow what would you think? Probably that I missed a crucial 3 weeks in kindergarten due to chickenpox or something. But, don't sweat it, I got chickenpox at a freakishly late age so I had plenty of time to master the colors. I'm talking about Dizzy Shapes, the magical world where pink and pink make yellow. 

Dizzy Shapes combines the idea and gameplay of 2048 with fun, colorful graphics and plenty of surprise bonuses to create a totally addictive puzzle-game. Speaking of bonuses, today Dizzy Shapes comes to you ad-free with 500 coins, normally worth $5.99 for FREE.