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[+] Puffero


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Huffing, puffing, blustering and blowing are the key ingredients in your Victory Pie as far as Puffero is concerned.

Puffero is funny, surreal arcade-style game in which, the eponymous hair-dryer shaped hero must protect his base from poisonous creatures. Escape the evil that fulls from above by any means if you want to survive. This game will blow you away! Puffero ad-free and with 10,000 coins drops from 9.99€ to FREE.

Voice Translator

Instant Translator

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Summer is just around the corner and perhaps you're off to warmer climes. Whether you're looking for pétanque, pizza, pinchos or pilsner, be sure to pack Voice Translator

This easy-to-use, well-designed app allows you to instantly translate your voice into over 40 languages. This is perhaps the best speech recognition technology I have come across in a while. You can either speak or type text and save favourite phrases to use offline. Plus Voice Translator will speak translated phrases out loud for you, if you're feeling shy. Make speech-to-speech conversations on any continent on Earth, as Voice Translator drops from 4.99€ to 0.99€.

July 28, 2015

Fotor HDR

Snap Happy


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There are around 1.5 million apps in the App Store and today I bring you the rarest pearl of them all, a first of it's kind app: Fotor HDR.

Fotor HDR uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology to bring you extraordinary, beautiful images. Like the human eye, HDR technology adjusts in function to the light for photos full of breath-taking color. For such a complex-sounding app, Fotor HDR is delightfully easy to use, with plenty of editing options to help you on your way. Download Fotor HDR today as it drops from 1.99€ to FREE.

July 27, 2015

[+] Birdie Falls

Defy Gravity


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How do baby birds learn to fly? They just kind of go into free-fall and hope for the best. I hope that's not how they fly planes too.

Are you ready to defy gravity? Yes? Good! Because that's the aim of the game in the beautifully designed, addictively fun Birdie Falls. Try not to smush your baby bird against the obstructive branches and do your best to be as precise and efficient as a pixellated baby-bird can possibly be.

The absolutely must-have Birdie Falls today comes ad-free with 15,000 coins worth 3.99€ for FREE!

PS- Keep your eyes peeled for a bird-related competition announced in the AppGratis newsletter soon.

July 26, 2015

[+] Clash of Kings - Last Empire

Reign Victorious


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Attacking a castle was no walk in the park. Not only did you have to surpass the moat and scale the ramparts but then there were myriad nasty surprises such as hidden arrow slits where you would be shot at without seeing your enemy and the delightfully-named 'murder holes' from which scalding liquid would be poured on your head. 

So you have your work cut out for you in Clash of Kings- Last Empire. Build cities, castles and villages and compete in massive multiplayer battles to conquer the seven kingdoms. With enthralling PVP battles, realtime strategy and resource management and high-quality graphics, you don't want to miss Clash of Kings- Last Empire. Plus it's FREE!

July 25, 2015

[+] TOP Writer

Collaborate Better


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A lot of great things are a collaborative effort: The Pyramids, human pyramids and the invention of the Toblerone. Increase the productivity of your collaborative work three-fold(!) with TOP Writer.

TOP Writer makes sharing and working on documents with colleagues a doddle. You can share Open Office and Word documents with others so that, they too, can edit and develop the doc via their devices. You can connect TOP Writer up with your cloud devices, zip files and protect your docs with 4-digit passcodes or TouchSupport. The pro version of the indispensable TOP Writer drops from 4.99€ to FREE.

July 24, 2015

[+] Don't Play That Game

Totally Do Though...


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Don't Play That Game. Which game? This game! But enough fun with demonstratives. This game: Don't Play That Game is basically saying that you shouldn't play it, as in this game. Got it?

So should you play? Yes, if you enjoy games that frustrate you to the brink of your sanity. Don't Play That Game is addictive, fun, insulting and rage-inducing. You totally want to try it right? Don't Play That Game drops from 0.99€ to FREE!

July 23, 2015


Save your pennies


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He had money coming out of his ears but just kept pouring down the drain. Whether taken literally or figuratively this situation is no good. No good at all.

Want to keep a better eye on where your money's going? Try Spendee. This gem of an app analyses and tracks your spending through gorgeous infographics and well-organised sub-sections. Looking to save? Spendee will give advice. Spendee is beautifully designed with a sleek simple layout that actually makes money management enjoyable! Just enter the numbers and Spendee will do the rest. Spendee 6 Months Premium Account drops from 11.99€ to FREE.

July 22, 2015

[+] ColorSkill

Eye, Eye!


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I recently took a test to check my skills of colour perception on Facebook. I was told that I had the same level of colour perception as a dog, which is definitely something to add to my Tinder profile

ColorSkill is an awesome way to test your perception skills and reaction times. Just select the square that is of a slightly different shade to the others. Harder than it looks. Well-designed and refreshingly fun, ColorSkill drops from 0.99€ to FREE.

July 21, 2015

[+] Face Switch

Change It Up!


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Squeamish as I am, cosmetic surgery has always terrified me. That said, I wouldn't mind Tom Selleck's moustache, Drake's face and a lion's mane. All at the same time. Form an orderly queue, ladies! 

Face Switch gives you the chance to mix and match faces in a totally nip/ tuck free way. Just super-impose two photos and start to mix it up. Face Switch is easy-to-use and packed full of great features to ensure you get awesome images. Send me your best ones!  The unmissable Face Switch with Photo Access, Ads Removal and VIP Gallery Unlocked drops from 2.99€ to FREE.