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AppGratis launches on Android

Just a few weeks after being pulled from Apple’s App Store, we’re happy to announce that AppGratis is now available in 9 languages for Android users worldwide.


You can get the app here on Google Play.

Wrapping up

You may have been redirected here from – if that’s the case, the petition you’re looking for is closed, but…

…But the good news is: you did it!


You guys have saved AppGratis, big time. By sticking with us and sharing the love, you’ve contributed to keeping AppGratis the small yet gutsy start-up it is. After taking such a hit, your vibrant support has felt really good.

Now we’re just back to work. And for you, the 967,367 signatures, more news should have already landed in your inbox.

Apple banned AppGratis

P.S. With all of last weeks’ emotions, I have completely forgotten to credit Runningastartup – one of my favorite Tumblrs – for providing us with all these hilarious .gifs.