The 12 million user question

Last week was probably the most important week in the life of our company.

After our app was pulled from the App Store, we experienced unprecedented media coverage throughout the world, as the AppGratis saga goes well beyond our personal existence as a company and raises concerns for a whole industry.

In the same time, our team received thousands of support messages from all over the world. Our team held strong. Indie developers and clients alike stood up for us. Our investors reassured us with their support.

I feel blessed for that. I want to thank you all.

Whatever is ahead of us tomorrow, we now have the strengh to face it.


But I will be absolutely honest with you.

For a minute, we doubted.

When 4 years of hard work are threatened. When hundreds of reports of your death are flying around. When the haters suddenly reveal their true faces.

We asked ourselves: Who are we? What are we doing?

Does our work change the life of all our users, at least a little? With amazing challenges ahead of us, we needed more. We needed to remind everybody that AppGratis is first and foremost an iOS app used and loved by millions of people in the world. We needed a vote of confidence.

So we turned to our 12 million users, and asked them: “Is our work useful to you?”

Here’s their answer.

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