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Personal Budget

Original Price: $1.92

To quote Scrooge McDuck, "My money's the best friends I ever had!" That may be an exaggeration but the best way to get rich is to start saving.

MoneySaver will help you monitor your expenses, see where your money goes, and how much is coming in. Gives you stats and monthly history of transactions. Today you unlock the Full version of MoneySaver, worth $1.92, for FREE!

April 22, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Winter Live Wallpaper

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Ah, spring. That time when birds chirp when I'm trying to go to sleep, when pollen from the flowers makes it seem like the Amazon river is running through my eyes, and when pale people try to catch up on the missed ultraviolet rays everywhere there's a bit of sun.

You can probably tell that I'm a guy who appreciates the beauty of winter, which is why I got Winter Wonderland. Watch pretty snowflakes cover your screen, and see the beautiful icy landscape change as the day goes on. Today you get the full version worth $1.33 for FREE!

April 21, 2014


Aeria Games

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Sometimes I get a bit nostalgic and have a look at my old Pokémon and Magic sets of cards, and since I can't play them with real people anymore (apparently I'm too old for that), I try to find good alternatives on my phone.

Immortalis is for the card games lovers, as well as the newbies. Go on an epic journey to stop the monster invasion while collecting cards, crystals, and joining guilds to try to reach the top of the ranking. Immortalis is FREE to play, and I convinced them to give you 1 rare card and 2 stamina potions worth $4.00!

April 20, 2014



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If you've been known to drive past 5 gas stations in search of the best deal, or even do a Google search and end up driving miles to get there, I've found your new best friend.

EcoDrive is an accurate GPS speedometer that monitors your speed and fuel consumption then suggests the best way to drive your vehicle to save time and money. Get the Full version, normally $1.87, FREE today!

April 19, 2014

Bar Launcher

Apps on hand

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What's more tiring than having to look for the most essential things in life? Keys, money, friends (?!)… The most annoying thing is that it shouldn't even be an issue!

Bar Launcher takes care of everything (well, at least on your phone). Just select your favorite apps, and then when you swipe down the notification menu, hey presto!, they're all there! Super handy for all those apps you can't live without, and Bar Launcher is FREE!

April 19, 2014


Body and Mind Relaxation

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★ Large app - Please connect to wifi and ensure you have enough space before downloading ★

I wouldn't blame you for thinking qi-gong is a second generation cousin to King Kong, but as it happens, it's more to do with body and mind relaxation than with dragging pretty blondes up the Empire State Building.

Of Chinese origin, Qi-Gong brings together breathing and concentration techniques along with movements to relax your body. The app comes with a mix of videos and music to help you find some peace in your busy daily lives. Today only, the app drops from $5.15 to $1.15!

April 18, 2014

BIngo Blitz

Bingo on the go!

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In a standard bingo card (a 5x5 grid with numbers from 1 to 75), you can have about 552 septillion different arrangements for the numbers, making it almost impossible to ever get the same card twice. Yet, your chances of winning are much higher, and only depend on how many people are playing.

Bingo Blitz takes normal bingo, and gives it a twist by adding power-ups, items to improve your performance, achievements, and a dancing cow (ok, maybe not the last one). And you get 50 credits, worth $4.99, to go crazy on those bingo games. Of course, this is all for FREE!

April 17, 2014


Automatic volume control

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Today's app sounds like an underground meet-up of important people discussing highly confidential information. It isn't but it's something just as sci-fi-worthy.

IntelliRing lets you control the volume of your smartphone. Automatically set it to silent in meetings or at the cinema, discreet at work, loud when it's in your bag. You can also customize sounds for emails and texts, and mute incoming calls. The Full version of IntelliRing normally costs $1.94 but today it's FREE!

April 16, 2014

Sweet Madness

Beat the clock

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★ to unlock coins > Endless > Plus sign (+) at top of screen > Sponsored by AppGratis.com ★

When you've eaten too much candy, you feel sick and you never want to see one again. But if someone offers you a different type of candy (and your stomach has had time to forget), then you'll probably gorge on it anyway.

Sweet Madness is a whole new take on candy-themed games. You need to find the longest path of candies but you're against the clock! Infinite levels, tournaments and leader boards tempt you, and if you download Sweet Madness FREE today you get 6000 coins FREE!

April 15, 2014

Learn French with MosaLingua

Spaced Repetition System

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The Spaced Repetition System (SRS) is a technique that involves leaving increasing amounts of time between the revision of material, and scientific research has shown it to be effective in memorizing huge amounts of data.

Learn French Quickly uses SRS to help you improve your French vocabulary and comprehension. There are flashcards, dialogues and audio files over 10 levels and 14 categories (accommodation, transport, shopping…). Assess yourself, track your progress and unlock bonuses. For school, business, travel or pleasure, Learn French Quickly drops from $5.79 to $1.15!

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